Goodland Limited is a company incorporated in 2019, at the address mentioned below, it makes purchases within China / Hong Kong and exports machinery, raw materials, products for resale in general to several countries such as Germany, USA, Netherlands, Paraguay, Brazil and others from South America.

Support and Distribution Center

Our support point is in Paraguay and due to its strategic location of natural HUB in Latin America we can feed our operations in a 4 hour flight radius, which means that we can connect shipments from anywhere in the worldwith any city in Latin America in less than 48 hours. There may be restrictions on cargo size, depending on the airlines

How we can help with our experience

Our goal is to provide Latin American consumers with a door to door freight service that is fast and reliable in less transit time. We achieved this goal successfully and expanded our charter operations to several destinations in Latin America.

quality and security

With the growth of e-commerce, Goodland once again took the initiative and identified the need to offer a more efficient express parcel service to Brazil and Paraguay, and entered into strategic alliances to meet these needs.

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